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The cards in modern tarot  decks have over a 500 year history and tracing their origin and development is both exciting and rewarding (the Divinci Code has nothing on this). 

On the Tarot History Forum, we explore each card’s iconography in detail as well contrast and compare the endless deck variations over many centuries.


Featured Tarot History Sites

Many of our members have their own sites which are presented here in addition to the sites we’d recommend you explore.

Le Tarot

Extraordinary editions of the Jean Noblet, Jean Dodal and Jacques Vieville tarot decks.
The hand-stenciled trump decks are particularly wonderful.



One of the largest collections of information and documents related to the history and development of tarot cards. Outstanding tarot deck gallery.

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Le Tarot Cultural Association

Andrea Vitali’s essays on the iconography of tarot (many available in English as well as Italian) are highly recommended  and enjoyable reading. 

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Tarot Studies

Jean-Michel David’s Tarot Studies website features articles and newsletters on tarot history,  as well as suggestions for reading with with the Marseille Tarot . 

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Tradition des tarots de Marseille Forum

French Tarot History forum focused on the traditions of the Tarot de Marseille, a friendly recommended forum.

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Tarot de Marseille Heritage

Fine reproductions of historic tarot decks by Yves Reynaud and Wilfreid Houdouin. New 1760 Conver deck available soon!


NoPotato Press

Bill Wolf’s beautiful artwork is the outstanding attraction of his Le Tarot Tournant deck, an artisitic interpreaton of a Marseille tarot. 

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A major online resource enhancing our collective knowledge and understanding of everything involving the world of Tarot.



A new edition of the Jacques Vieville deck which attempts to be as close as possible to the original conserved in the Bibliothèque Nationale de France, (BNF). 


In addition to the private member’s area, the main rooms offer a variety of approaches to studying tarot history. 

There’s also an area just for the discussion of the development of esoteric tarot.


Researcher’s Study

Documenting the people, places, and events that shaped Tarot History. (Credentials not required; but references, citations, and substantiating evidence may be requested at the door.)

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Unicorn Terrace

Engage in your favorite “Unicorn Hunt” in this unstuffy area for playful historical pondering.Engage in your favorite “Unicorn Hunt” in this unstuffy area for playful historical pondering.

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Bianca’s Garden

For the exclusive use of studying the iconography of tarot cards. Each trump has its own thread, allowing detailed exploration from a variety of sources.

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The Exhibition Gallery

The place for the exploration, comparison, and discussion of historical tarot decks (rather than individual cards) and other historical documents.

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